What is the size of the property?

We try to get the size of the property in acres posted in the listings. These numbers are coming from databases usually based on county records and believed to be accurate. Sometimes they are off. Sometimes they misplace a decimal and are way off. Other numbers come from formulas programs use to figure out the property sizes based on county data. To be really sure where the property lines are and the actual size of the property please hire a licensed surveyor to show and tell you what they figure out. It might be a good idea to check with the local building codes to see if and when you need a survey to get permits and what that survey needs to include. The local building code office may provide a list of the local licensed surveyors to choose from. Another way to find one especially out in the middle of nowhere is to call the county and ask for the county surveyor. Lots of these rural counties the guy might only be in the office one day a week but if you can get him on the phone he will usually tell you about which surveyors are active in the area. They know the land markers and usually have the field notes to go off of. When it comes down to it real estate is transferred by legal description. Its not transferred by acres or GPS coordinates or maps(unless the surveyor is drawing them to very specific guidelines). We use GPS to help you find the land, we use maps to help show you what we think it looks like and lays out like on the land. The actual legal description of the land is what transfers the land. The legal description is a written description of the land. There are a couple different styles. Some go off of the public land survey system and some are from this rock to that hill style descriptions. We copy that legal description from the old deeds transferring the land to whomever we bought it from and every owner before them did the same thing since the property was first drawn up and sold or split off of a bigger one. The acres, GPS and or maps are not in the deed transferring ownership just the legal description like it has been since the start of private land ownership in America.

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